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Rise & Shine Wake-up Light

Rise & Shine Wake-up Light

Rise & Shine Wake-up Light

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The Verilux Rise & Shine Wake-up Light aligns the body's circadian rhythms that regulate normal sleeping and waking patterns. Synchronized sleep and wake programs provide the body with cues to fall asleep naturally, sleep soundly and wake refreshed and revitalized. The harmonious blend of light and sound therapy naturally directs the body to healthy sleep patterns. A Better Way to Wake Up Unlike the sudden jolt of an alarm clock, the natural sunrise simulation of the Rise and Shine Wake-Up Light won't disrupt the last stages of sleep. As its soothing, white light progressively brightens, you awaken slowly, providing your body the stimulus required to transition from sleeping to waking. The result is a feeling of being rested, revitalized, and ready to start your day. Sound Sleep All Night Long The Rise and Shine's Sleep Mode counteracts sleeplessness by simulating the setting sun. Its light slowly dims, allowing you to fall asleep gradually and peacefully, so you can sleep better throughout the night. Your Choice of Soothing Sounds Select one of four built-in nature soundscapes to fall asleep or wake up to: Songbird Serenade, Pond Life Harmony, Ocean Rhythms, or Streamside Melodies. Or choose a friendly alarm tone or your favorite FM radio station for your morning wake-up alarm. All-in-one Nightstand Companion The Rise and Shine Wake-Up Light not only performs its soothing fade-out/fade-in, sleep/wake program, but it's also a reading lamp with 20 brightness levels. This ideal nightstand companion also features an FM radio and a standard digital alarm clock with snooze feature. What's in the Box Rise and Shine Wake-Up Light and instructions.

  • Light gradually brightens and volume gradually increases to wake you gently and help normalize natural sleep patterns
  • Sleep mode feature slowly decreases lamp's intensity and sound volume to aid in falling asleep peacefully and gradually
  • Wake to your choice of four natural soundscapes or FM radio stations; Dual alarm with snooze feature
  • Drug-free alternative for addressing sleeplessness, fatigue and lethargy
  • Select from 20 levels of light intensity
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